A full stack offer
We take care of all aspects on IoT projects
Startup Studio

Kyokita is dedicated to the design of services and connected objects.

Move from idea to object

True "Makers", we carry out all the steps from design to mass production.

Skill cover

Electronics, Mechanics, Industrial Design, Web / Mobile Development.
We embark all the skills to ensure the realization.

Lab et caetera...

In our Parisian lab and with our partners, we produce prototypes
and pre-series.

Our Values


Goodwill & Respect

We are one family and one team. We care about each other. We play fair. We help each other grow, make others successful. Generosity, inclusion and respect are key at Kyokita.

Continuous Improvment

We seek excellence, not perfection. We celebrate the learning process. We thrive for continuous improvement to be a self-learning organisation.

Continuous Innovation

We do things differently, we never choose the easy way and we permanently challenge inertia and the status quo: this is how great ideas and projects stand out from the crowd.

Cooperation & Sharing

We believe “accomplish together” is the key to success. “Creating together”, “Sharing knowledge” are in our DNA.


We’re all passionate people having FUN doing great things. We are serious but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Work is not a job!

We would love to hear from you !

Contact Information
Nicolas Brun
Business development
mobile : +33 6 10 93 48 86
60 rue de Wattignies 

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